One day a disciple of Junaid behaved impertinently. Fearing punishment,the disciple ran to a Mosque. Junaid followed him. At the sight of Junaid he was frightened, fell down and broke his head. As the drops of blood fell on the ground, they inscribed the name ALLAH on the ground. Junaid reprimanded him saying that it did not behave him to make a display of his spirituality in that way. Even children could make such a display of devotion. It was not enough that one should remain content with the repetition of His Name and His recollection (Dhikr) but must attain to Him Who is the object of recollection and remembrance, then alone one can be called a spiritual man, else one remains a child. These words had such a great effect on the disciple that on hearing the reprimand he passed away One of the disciples of Junaid dwelt in Basra. One day an evil thought crossed his mind, and his face turned black by Divine decree. Only after three days, in spite of all efforts, did it regain its original complexion. After three days a letter reached him from Junaid, "Tread the Path respectfully. It took three days to wash your face clean."
One day a disciple accompanied Junaid to a jungle. On account of severe heat, blood began to ooze out from his nose. He said, " How terrible is the heat!" Junaid reprimanded him saying, "You complain against an act of Almighty Allah. Get away from my company."
Junaid had a favorite disciple. Others of his disciples became envious of him. To set the matter right, Junaid called all of them and, giving each of them each a knife and a chicken, ordered them to kill the chickens at a spot where none saw them. All the disciples returned with killed chickens, except his favorite disciple. When asked why he did not kill it, he replied he could discover no place where Almighty Allah was seeing him, so he could not perform the act in loneliness. Other disciples saw his superiority and bowed to him.
At the hour of his death, Junaid asked people to wash his hands and feet. They forgot to clean his nails, which he pointed out and that was also done. He then fell in obeisance before the Lord and began to weep. Those assembled round him asked, "When all your life is passed in devotion, where is the occasion for lamentation now? He replied, "Never in my life did I feel more poor than I feel at this moment."
He then started reciting the Quran, and told the disciples that there is no greater friend and giver of consolation than the Holy Quran.
He said, "At this moment the worship of the whole of my lifetime stands before me aloof in the air, whilst a strong wind is blowing. It is swaying sideways, I do not know whether this wind is of union or it shall lead me to separation. I see also the narrow bridge over Hell (Pul Sifat) that leads to Heaven. I see also the Great Judge seated as also the Angel of Death. I do not know the decision in my case shall be and where I shall be lead." Thereafter he began to read passages from the Quran when his companions told him to repeat the Name of Allah. Junaid answered that he had not forgotten it and began to count beads on fingers. When the leading finger of the right hand was reached, he repeated the Name of the Lord - Rahman al-Rahim (The Compassionate Lord) – he closed his eyes and passed away.
When they were giving his dead body the final bath and wanted to wash his eyes, the Divine Voice said, "Keep water off the eyes of Our friend. They are closed in ecstasy and shall open when they shall be blessed with Our vision. Do not try to open his closed fist as it is closed counting Our name on fingers. It shall open when We shall so order." Shortly a pigeon flew in, sat on the coffin and began to speak in human voice: " My feathers are nailed to this coffin with nails of love. If you do not carry the coffin I shall fly with it to heaven. A Saint saw Junaid after his death in a dream and asked him how Almighty Allah dealt with him. He said, "He forgave me out of His mercy and not due to my spiritual exercises. Except for the two raka’at prayers (namaaz) that I offered at midnight to My Lord, none served any good purpose for me here".