Hazrat Junaid (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

1. Whatever I have gained spiritually was through three practices, namely, renouncing the world, fasting and waking the whole nights.

2. For 10 years I had to protect my heart from straying away and kept watch on it. Thereafter for the next 10 years my heart took care of me. Now my condition is such that the heart does not know me and I do not mind it. For the last 20 years the Lord Almighty is speaking through me. I am not in-between, although the world is not acquainted with it. I am narrating only formal Sufism for the last 20 years. I am warned against uttering the mysteries in Public. I lost my senses when the fear of Almighty Allah overpowers me but recover when I am remained of His mercy.

3. I am a slave and have no liberty. I shall go when Almighty Allah will order me to go, be it Paradise of Hell.

4. When somebody asked him to look at him he replied, "For the last 20 years I am trying with all my heart to look towards Almighty Allah, but I; how can I have not succeeded in it; how can I look at you?"

5. My preceptor, Hazrat Saqti (RA) ordered me to deliver sermons. I said I could not do so in his presence. During the night the Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW) appeared to me in a dream and commanded me to deliver sermons. In the morning as I was going to convey the message of the Prophet to my preceptor, I found him waiting for me at my door. Immediately on seeing me he remarked, "Up to this time you wanted someone else to tell you to deliver sermons before you would do so." Surprised, I asked him how he could know all that happened to me. He replied that the Lord has told him that He had sent the Prophet to ask Junaid to start delivering sermons. Thereupon I consented to deliver sermons, provided the audience did not exceed forty. So effective were my sermons that one-day, out of forty, eighteen expired on hearing the sermon. So I stopped delivering sermons, as it practically killed me when I delivered them.

6. One day I was delivering a sermon when one of the audiences said he could not follow the discourse. I told he to place 70 years (he was over seventy) worship under foot and bow down in humility and then he would follow it.

7. The heart is pleased when Almighty Allah is pleased.

8. If between my Lord and me a river of fire flowed, in my yearning to meet Him, I would jump into it and cross it.

9. Hearing my sermon one day, a rich young man was so affected that he distributed all his wealth to the poor keeping back a 1000 dinars which he wished to present to me. As he was coming with money to me, people told him, "Do you mean to involve such a great Saint in the meshes of maya (world)?" The boy went away and one after another threw all the coins in the river. When he approached me I told him, "You are not fit for my company, for why did you take so much time over the act of renunciation which could be performed at one stroke, and did not throw the coins in all at a time, but one by one?"

10. Your heart is the House of Almighty Allah; let none dwell therein besides Allah.

11. Till you pass through the vale of annihilation (fana) you cannot attain to eternity (baqa).

12. He whose life depends on the soul dies when it leaves the body; but he whose life depends on Almighty Allah never dies.

13. The eye that appreciated not the beauty of the Creator were better blind; the tongues that repeated not His Name were better dumb; the ears that heard not of His exploits were better deaf; and the limbs that performed hot His service were better dead.

14. When Almighty Allah loves, He gives him the company of Saints.

15. He who eats much cannot perform worship.

16. A Sufi is like a field in which manure of dirt is put and it yields rich corn in return.

17. A Sufi is one who changes the attribute less and meets Almighty Allah.

18. Tauhid is to know Almighty Allah

19. Of a certainty he who is honest in search of Almighty Allah, attains to Him.