Hazrat Farid Shakarganj (1188-1280 A.D)

Hazrat Bawa Farid Shakarganj was Born In Multan. Shakar Ganj in Persian means,His real name is Farid-ud-deen masood, Mine of Sweet. He got his early education from his mother,and he learnt Quran, hadees Tafseer figha from Mulana Minhaj-ud-deen. One day He met Hazrat Bukhteyar Kaki(ra) and Khwaja Farid was a disciple of Hazrat Bukhteyar Kaki(ra).

The legend goes that, once upon a time, the saint, Bawa Farid, asked a certain merchant, who was carrying bales of sugar on the backs of camels, for a small quantity of that article. The Bawa, taking compassion on the merchant, said let it be sugar, and the article forthwith became sughar, From that moment people called him Farid Shakar Ganj, or Farid the mine of sugar.

(Chilla) It is a place where Bawa Farid Shakkar Ganj, the celebrated Pak Patan saint, passed forty days of seclusion and meditation.

Khwaja Farid was a disciple of Khwaja Kutb-ud-din, the saint of delhi, (who lies buried close to the Kutb Minar) the disciple of the ciple of the celebrated saint Moin-ud-din of Ajmer.

After wandering at many places,(Bukhara,kharasan,Kandhar,Baghdad,and Gazni)He chose Ajuddan, the modern Pak Patan, as the place of his residence, and on his death he was interred there.

The death anniversary of Hazrat Khawaja Farid Shakarganj is celebrated on 5th of Muharram each year.

He was a Sufi, a Saint, a Scholar, a Poet, a Philosopher, a Teacher, a Muslim Missionary and an embodiment of the best in Islam.