Hazrat Main Mir (957-1045 A.H)(1547-1635 A.D)

Mian Mir was born in Sistan in 957 A.H. and died at Lahore in 1045 A.H. at thee advanced age of 88 years, having lived at Lahore for a period of about sixty years.

A city lying between Bhakkar and Thatta (Sindh). The language of the area was Sindhi. His father’s name was Qazi Sain Ditta bin Qazi Qalander Farooqi, who descended form Hazrat Umar Farooq.

Hazrat Mian Mir, first went to Shaikh Khizar for spiritual guidance in the mountains of Sistan. At 25, with the permission of Shaikh Khizar, Hazat Mian Mir left for Lahore, for worldly education and knowledge. Here, during the reign of Akbar, the Madrasah of Maulana Saadullah was the most established seat of learing with great men of letters to teach and guide. For some time he received instructions form Akhund Nimat Ullah, who was a disciple of Maulana Saadullah. Hazrat Mian Mir used to visit the Mausoleum and gardens during daytime or sit at isolated places under trees, in jungles or sometimes around the river. The saint avoided meeting people and did not sleep for many years.

Mian Mir. Mullah Shah was a man of much piety and was a great orator of his time, and a poet. Hazrat Mian Mir did not like to have many disciples and would only accept who appread generally in search of spiritual light.