Ibn `Adi (277-365 A.H)

He was born in 277 H. The first he heard hadith was in 290 and the first he travelled was in 297 A.H.

He heard Bahlul ibn Ishaq al-Tannukhi, Muhammad ibn `Uthman ibn Abi Suwayd, Muhammad ibn Yahya al-Marwazi, Anas ibn al-Salam... al-Nasa'i... al-Firyabi... Abu Ya`la al-Mawsili... al-Baghawi... Ibn Khuzayma.

Ibn `Asakir and others declared him trustworthy and praised his mastership and memorization.
Apparently he was Shafi`i and compiled a book based on the chapter-headings of al-Muzani's Mukhtasar.

He died in 365 A.H. Allah have mercy on him.