Ibn Al-Husayn (d. 353 A.H)

Bundar ibn al-Husayn, Abu al-Husayn al-Shirazi al-Sufi (d. 353), al-Ash`ari's servant and a companion of al-Shibli, on whose advice he abandoned his great wealth, after which he said: "I did not find anything harder than to abandon status (al-jah), and the real man is he who cleanses himself from the mirror of the world."

Allah has chosen the Sufi for Himself and cleansed him from his own self. "The heart is a clot ( lump of thick liquid ) and yet it is the locus of lights and the source of supplies from the Almighty. Correct meditation takes place through that clot. Then He took it prisoner when He said: 'Allah comes between the man and his own heart."