Imaam Abu Jafar Tahaawi (227-321 A.H)

Abu Ja’far, Ahmad bin Muhammad Salama bin Salama Al-Azdi Al-Misri At-Tahaawi Al-Hanafi was born in the year 227 A.H. He was nicknamed after a village called Taha in Egypt.

He was a follower of the Shafi’ee Madhaab (school of jurisprudence) and a student of Al-Muzni, his nephew until the latter one day he saw Al-Muzni studying from some fiqh books of Ahnaaf.”At-Tahaawi thereafter starting following the Hanafi Madhhab and did extensive research in Fiqh and Hadith.

Among his most famous books is Sharh Ma‘ani Al-Athar in which one can see his comprehensive research. At-Tahaawi died in the beginning of Dhul-Qa’da,321 A.H.