Imam al-Ghazzali (450-505 A.H)

Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Ahmad, Abu Hamid al-Tusi al-Ghazzali.(450-505 A.H)

Al-Ghazzali came to Baghdad in 484 A.H and began a prestigious career of teaching, giving fatwa, and authoring books in nearly all the Islamic sciences of his day. Upon completion of pilgrimage to Mecca al-Ghazzali headed for Damascus, then al-Qudus, then Damascus again where he remained for several years. He came out of seclusion in 499 and travelled to Cairo, Iskandariyya and other places, finally returning to Baghdad.

"the Proof of Islam" (Hujjat al-Islam), "Ornament of the Faith," "Gatherer of the Multifarious Sciences," "Great Siddîq," absolute mujtahid, expert in the principles of doctrine and those of jurisprudence.

Ibn ‘Asakir also mentions that al-Ghazzali took al-Bukhari’s Sahih from Abu Sahl Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Hafsi.

"He is the second al-Shafi‘i."
Fakhr al-Din al-Razi: "It was as if Allah gathered all sciences under a dome, and showed them to al-Ghazzali."